All the Outopian material is shipped from our warehouse in Pocatello, ID. We deal with our most trusted partners for the warehousing and fulfillment of your orders, IWS fulfillment. Quality work and efficiency is an integral part of both of our companies' internal policies, and we take pride in getting your products to your doorstep as quickly as possible, for the lowest price on the market. 

Regular Shipping

All of our orders destined to our American customers are fulfilled through shipping carriers. This means that once your order leaves the warehouse, it will take between 5 to 7 business days to get to you, depending on your location and the volume of shipping that goes through your area.

*Additional shipping fees apply to Alaska, Hawaii, Yukon, Nunavut, and NWT

Once the order is shipped, we cannot control any delays or the delivery time. If you have any requests regarding these issues, please contact the responsive carrier's customer service directly.


Due to the immense popularity of NAGI's product, it can happen that they are sold in pre-order. By pre-ordering, you are reserving the item on the corresponding container batch, and once we acquire the product at our warehouse, it will get shipped within the shortest delays we can. Getting your order to you as quickly as possible is our top priority!

Please refer yourself to the individual products' page to find out more about the availability of the item. If the items are in pre-sale, the dates will correspond to the estimated date of reception at our warehouse. 

See Return Policy and Terms of Service to find out more, or contact us at

International Shipping

We support international shipping outside the U.S. & Canada region. The shipping cost will be charged according to the destination.

Please place your order and we will inform you of the additional shipping cost before confirming the order.