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OUTO / OUTO SE User Manual

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Users of this product must understand and observe the following safety guidelines:
  • Always wear a safety leash.
  • Always wear an approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD).
  • Wear a helmet when appropriate.
  • Do not consume alcohol, drugs, or any other substances that may impair your coordination, judgment, or ability to safely use your paddle board.
  • Do not paddle alone.
  • Children must be always supervised by a responsible adult.
  • Always check local laws and regulations before using this product.
  • Check weather forecasts and understand the weather conditions.
  • Do not paddle in flood or bad weather conditions.
  • Dress appropriately for weather and marine condition, cold weather and water can result in hypothermia.
  • Beware of offshore winds and currents with different water conditions.
  • Beware of your limitations, do not exceed you paddling ability.
  • Be aware of obstacles, safe water level, tidal and current changes in and above the water.
  • Check your equipment for signs of damage, leakage, or failure.
  • Always inform someone of your paddling expedition or plan.

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WARNING : Disregarding any of the safety precautions and instructions in this manual may result in injury.